Adding Value Through Connections


We are a knowledge base for community building, starting from research and compilation of  best cases and practices from seasoned team leaders, community builders and place makers around the world.  We'll learn from doers and make it a science.

Our ambition is to make these practices replicable to diverse scenarios and businesses models across the world. Content will be divided in 3 formats: 

1. Soft Content: this book, including blog, podcast and templates;
2. Programs: talks, workshops and bootcamps;
3. Tailored Execution: access to network of experts and contributors to this website; 

Content will be delivered in 3 formats: book, programs, consulting

Content will be delivered in 3 formats: book, programs, consulting




I never called myself a community builder, until someone called me that in 2014, when I moved to Malaysia. This serendipitous encounter engendered this book. I found that everything I'd done for the past 9 years was about communities. This project is 50% made of learnings from those years ago and 50% a journey to the unknown guided my geeky curiosity on how to replicate what I've done and seen done throughout the journey.

Lais de Oliveira, Author and Curator at hackingcommunities.com

Lais de Oliveira, Author and Curator at hackingcommunities.com



community builder | entrepreneur | indie scientist (aka nerd)


Community Building | Organizational Culture | Team Building | Startup Ecosystem | Sharing Economy | Marketplaces | Branding | Real Estate | Place Making



Driven by building ecosystems to empower entrepreneurship and creativity, she has built some of the fastest growing communities in Malaysia on behalf of MoreGirls, Startup Grind, TheList.KL and MaGIC (Malaysian Global Innovation and Creativity Centre).

Sold her first business (8spaces.co) to Flyspaces.com, Southeast Asia's largest marketplace for workspace and spaces for professional activities, where she served as Malaysia Country Manager and Chief Community Officer. Mostly experienced in building marketplaces, real estate trends and community events applied to user acquisition (which she calls offline SEO).

Proud geek in a random collection of subjects which, she believes, all tie back together: from neuroscience to anthropology, philology, technology, place-making and real estate.

Originally from a small town in Brazil, she lived in Mauritius, Argentina, Chile and Malaysia. She travelled around 30 countries, mostly driven by "meeting the ecosystem" excuses.

Mostly, home is wherever her laptop is.




Emcee, Host and Moderator: WebSummit Lisbon 2017, Techne Summit Alexandria 2017, TechSauce 2017, Echelon Singapore from 2015 to 2016), Startup Grind (36+ events) and more.

Speaker: CUAsia 2018, IP Smart 2018, South Summit Madrid 2017, Echelon Malaysia 2017, Chinese Chamber of Commerce Malaysia 2017, Slush Singapore 2016, TEDxMMU, MaGIC Academy (diverse events from 2014 to 2017) by Malaysian Global Innovation and Creativity Centre and more. 



  • Talk and Workshop:  Community Hacking: Cracking the Code to Vibrant Communities

  • Workshop: Art of Pitching and Networking: 4 Steps to Pitch Perfect

  • Workshop and Bootcamp: Ideation and Business Acumen: From Zero to 100 Customers

  • Talk: Future of Workspaces: Enhancing Property Value Through Community Building 

  • Talk: Culture Management: Building Communities of Excellence 

  • Talk: Why Malaysia: An Overview of Malaysia’s Startup EcosysteM